Understanding CVE-2023-3938: A Security Alert for ZkTeco-based OEM Devices

Hello LinuxPatch community! Today, we're diving into a critical security issue that has been identified in ZkTeco-based OEM devices. The CVE in question is CVE-2023-3938, which highlights a risky SQL Injection vulnerability. Let's break down what this means, how it could affect you, and what actions you can take to secure your systems.

What is CVE-2023-3938?
CVE-2023-3938 is a Medium-severity security flaw with a CVSS score of 4.6. It stems from an 'Improper Neutralization of Special Elements used in an SQL Command,' more commonly known as an SQL Injection. This vulnerability affects certain ZkTeco-based OEM devices, models running firmware ZAM170-NF-1.8.25 and potentially others.

How Does This Affect Your Devices?
This vulnerability allows an attacker to authenticate as any user within the device database without requiring the legitimate user's credentials. Simply put, intruders could gain unauthorized access to devices by bypassing authentication mechanisms, posing significant security risks to user data and access control systems.

About ZkTeco-based OEM Devices
ZkTeco-based OEM devices are widely used in access control and attendance systems. They are crucial for maintaining the security and integrity of various facilities, including corporate offices, government buildings, and educational institutions. The compromised firmware might open these facilities to unauthorized access, which could lead to a wider impact on physical security and data protection.

Steps To Secure Your Devices
To address this vulnerability, it’s essential to:

  • Check your devices for the affected firmware version ZAM170-NF-1.8.25.
  • Immediately isolate impacted devices to reduce risk.
  • Contact ZkTeco support for firmware updates or specific patches.
  • Regularly update all devices to the latest firmware released by the OEM.

LinuxPatch Role and CTA

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