Understanding CVE-2023-24379: Security Alert for Users of Web-Settler Landing Page Builder

Welcome to our detailed coverage of a new cybersecurity concern for users of Web-Settler Landing Page Builder – the CVE-2023-24379. For the community relying on digital tools for creating engaging landing pages, understanding this vulnerability is crucial to safeguarding your web assets.

CVE-2023-24379 represents a medium severity Path Traversal vulnerability found in Web-Settler Landing Page Builder – Free Landing Page Templates. This issue has been assigned a score of 6.8, which urges users and administrators to pay attention and take immediate action. Essentially, this vulnerability could allow an attacker to access files and directories stored on the server that hosts the landing page builder through improper pathname limitations.

The versions impacted are all builds up to and including If you are utilizing any version within this range, your platform may be at risk. Path Traversal vulnerabilities, also known as directory traversal, enable attackers to gain unauthorized access to files outside of the restricted directory, potentially leaking sensitive information or gaining control of your web server.

What can you do about it? First and foremost, ensure that you check the version of your Web-Settler Landing Page Builder. If it's earlier than or at, you should look for updates immediately. Vendors typically release patches or new versions that rectify such vulnerabilities once they are discovered.

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