DSA-5698-1 ruby-rack - Critical Security Alert Update

In a recent security advisory, multiple vulnerabilities were identified in Rack, a popular, modular interface for developing web applications with Ruby. These vulnerabilities, enumerated as CVE-2024-25126, CVE-2024-26141, and CVE-2024-26146, primarily expose applications to potential denial of service (DoS) attacks. This security update serves to elucidate the nature of these vulnerabilities, their possible impacts on web applications, and the necessary steps for mitigation.

Rack has been fundamental in Ruby web development, offering developers a minimal, modular and adaptable interface for handling web requests. However, as with many software tools, ensuring it remains secure against evolving threats is a perpetual challenge.

Vulnerability Details

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  • CVE-2024-25126: This vulnerability arises from how Rack parses media type headers. By crafting specific headers, an attacker can excessively delay Rack’s parser, leading to a denial of service condition. This can be exploited with relatively simple means but significant effect, especially in high-traffic environments. The issue is patched in versions and of Rack.
  • CVE-2024-26141: Another critical issue was identified in Rack’s handling of HTTP Range headers. Maliciously crafted requests could compel the server to deliver disproportionately large responses, potentially exhausting system resources and leading to service disruptions. This vulnerability affects servers employing the `R valid for both web servers and users.

    For software developers and system administrators using Rack in their applications, upgrading to the patched versions—,,, or—is not only advisable but essential. These updates address the vulnerabilities and provide other minor security enhancements and bug fixes.


    Ignoring these vulnerabilities could expose web applications to potential attacks, disrupting services and compromising user data. As developers, the responsibility lies in proactive security management to safeguard applications against such vulnerabilities. For further information on upgrading and securing your Rack implementations, please visit LinuxPatch.com.