DSA-5664-1: jetty9 Security Advisory Updates

Jetty 9, a prominent Java-based web server and servlet engine, recently disclosed a notable vulnerability identified as CVE-2024-22201. This vulnerability primarily affects the server's ability to manage HTTP/2 SSL connections, which upon timing out due to TCP congestion, fail to close properly. This leak can lead to numerous connections remaining in an ESTABLISHED state, resulting in the server exhausting its file descriptors. Consequently, this can culminate in a denial of service (DoS) as the server becomes incapable of accepting new connections from legitimate clients.

The severity of this vulnerability stems from its potential to leave the server in a compromised state where it can no longer perform its essential function—serving legitimate client requests. This could severely disrupt operations for businesses and applications depending on Jetty 9 for their web services.

To address this critical issue, patches have been released for multiple versions of Jetty: 9.4.54, 10.0.20, 11.0.20, and 12.0.6. It is imperative for administrators and users of Jetty 9 to update their systems to these patched versions immediately to mitigate the risks associated with this vulnerability.

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Prompt action is advisable for all Jetty 9 users to prevent potential exploits. By upgrading to the latest supported and secured versions, administrators can safeguard their servers and maintain continuous, reliable service to their clients. Delay in such updates could lead to severe operational disruptions or compromise of sensitive information.

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