CESA-2024-0629: Important CentOS 7 tigervnc

The recent announcement of vulnerabilities within the CentOS 7 tigervnc has alerted numerous users and administrators to critical security risks. The detailed vulnerabilities include several CVE entries which impact the stability and security of systems running the affected software.

CVE-2023-6816: Discovered in the X.Org server, this flaw involves incorrect memory allocation for logical button identifiers in the DeviceFocusEvent and XIQueryPointer reply. If buttons are mapped to values exceeding the default range, a heap overflow can occur, posing severe security risks.

CVE-2024-0229: This out-of-bounds memory access flaw in the X.Org server happens when a device, previously frozen by a sync grab, is reattached to a different master device. This vulnerability may cause application crashes or, more severely, local privilege escalations or even remote code executions, particularly in SSH X11 forwarding contexts.

CVE-2024-21885 and CVE-2024-21886: Both these flaws result from heap buffer overflow conditions in different functions of the X.Org server. Incorrect handling of device IDs and disabling devices without proper checks can lead to crashes or, in worst cases, enable remote code executions in certain environments.

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