CESA-2024-0343: Moderate CentOS 7 LibRaw

Attention system administrators and CentOS users! A new security warning has been issued under the code CESA-2024-0343, affecting CentOS 7 with a specific focus on the LibRaw library, utilized predominantly for handling raw images. This notice highlights a moderate threat level, where the main concern is a buffer overflow vulnerability identified as CVE-2021-32142.

This security vulnerability is present in version 0.20.0 of LibRaw, which is operational on Linux/Unix systems. By exploiting the buffer overflow in the function LibRaw_buffer_datastream::gets(char*, int) situated in /src/libraw/src/libraw_datastream.cpp, attackers can potentially escalate their privileges on the affected host. Privilege escalation means unauthorized users could gain elevated access coupled with permissions that should normally be unattainable. Such access can enable attackers to manipulate systems, steal sensitive information, or install additional malicious software.

The specific issue allows attackers to provide a special input that exceeds the buffer boundary, leading to overflow. This overflow can corrupt data, crash the system, or enable an execution of code, which can have disastrous results if not promptly managed.

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