Understanding and Mitigating CVE-2024-35799 in the Linux Kernel

Hello, LinuxPatch users and cybersecurity enthusiasts! Today, we’re diving into an important security update concerning a recently identified vulnerability in the Linux Kernel, specifically tagged as CVE-2024-35799. Understanding the nuances of this vulnerability is crucial for maintaining the security and stability of your Linux systems.

Overview of CVE-2024-35799

CVE-2024-35799 comes with a severity rating of MEDIUM and a CVSS (Common Vulnerability Scoring System) score of 6.2. This vulnerability specifically affects the AMD display component of the Linux kernel. The issue arises when the stream encoder is disabled, which can inadvertently call a function that no longer exists in the system's codebase, leading to potential system crashes.

Impact and Importance

This particular CVE addresses a problem in the Digital Rights Management (DRM) module of the kernel related to AMD's display subsystem. The DRM layer is integral for graphical display management in Linux, handling everything from rendering graphics on screens to supporting various display features. Given that many systems rely on these functionalities for daily operations, ensuring the stability and reliability of this component is critical.

Technical Details and Mitigation

The primary issue stems from the disable stream encoder function in the DRM/AMD/display module of the Linux kernel. When this function is triggered—such as during operations that turn off certain visual outputs—the absence of a valid function reference can cause the system to crash. Fortunately, the patch for this CVE involves implementing a check to determine if the function declaration is NULL before it’s invoked, preventing potential crashes.

Steps to Take

If you are running a system that uses the Linux Kernel with AMD graphics support, it is recommended to review and apply the necessary patches immediately. The patch, which can be applied through an update to the Linux kernel, ensures that the disable stream encoder function safely checks for null pointers before execution.


Applying the patch for CVE-2024-35799 is essential for maintaining system stability and security. It highlights the ongoing need for vigilance and prompt updating of systems when vulnerabilities are discovered. To assist you in efficiently managing these patches, LinuxPatch provides a comprehensive patch management platform specifically designed for Linux servers.

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